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A night at the museum with RRsat Europe

Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta Jones and a Matt Damon were all in attendance at our event last night – well their clothes were any way.

To celebrate our union with RRsat Global we invited our customers to come drink, eat and be merry with us. The event saw us at the London Film Museum mixing with the likes of a  Tyrannosaurus Rex, a seven foot Yeti and of course the RRsat Europe, and Global team (no correlations between the team and the Yeti of course!).

An absolute goal for us during the acquisition was to ensure, and more importantly demonstrate to our customers that everything associated with JCA would not be lost when our name changed to RRsat Europe – and I think last night we proved that.

Welcoming guests into the gallery to peruse artefacts and costumes from classics such as The Games, and Sherlock Holmes (the original) with a glass – or two – of champagne we kicked the evening off to a great start. Then after strolling down the ‘Corridor of History’ guests were greeted into the Rotunde by a skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex politely waiting to serve them dinner.

Although there were no dance offs like those that occurred at our last event (we are still recovering), we talked, ate and drank the evening away with treasures from our favourite films.

The evening overall was a wonderful success and we sincerely hope you enjoyed yourselves. Thank you all that came last night, we had a fantastic time and hope you enjoyed the goodie bags!

RRsat Europe gives Supponor a vital assist


Since the move from JCA to RRsat Europe, we’ve been dying to announce some of the exciting work we’ve been up to. One customer we have been working with that demonstrates the depth of our experience comes in the form of sports broadcasting company Supponor.

We have been assisting the sports and media technology company with the global rollout of its specialist Digital Billboard Replacement product, DBRLive. DBRLive digitally inserts replacement billboard images into different broadcast feeds of a match or event.  This allows rights holders and broadcasters to maximise the value of their commercial assets by replacing traditional LED advertising boards with billboards tailored to regional audiences, and allows brands to reach audiences through the power of sport in a highly targeted fashion.

RRsat Europe is providing facilities and support to aid Supponor in its plans for global growth. Although the billboards will remain normal to fans in the stadium, the boards are able to be replaced by digitally generated graphics on the broadcast feed – meaning rights holders can segment by market region and maximise the value of their inventory.

Charlie Marshall, chief strategy and business development officer at Supponor said: “What makes our company exciting is the huge growth we are experiencing due to the very nature of the DBRLive product. Each sports event requires a number of different regional recordings.

“Multiply that by the number of games and leagues across the world that we have yet to access and you have an idea of how important efficient asset management is to us. RRsat Europe’s back-end media browser is currently used to help us service major European football opportunities, and this recognised and trusted technology service is a vital part of our offering.”

RRsat Europe Summer Party


Having gone through number of quite dramatic changes in the past few weeks, we felt our annual summer party was more important than ever. We know our ethos hasn’t changed, our sense of fun hasn’t changed but we wanted to check our clients knew that too.

Musial bingo, although a somewhat unorthodox for a summer event, proved to be the perfect evening for everyone.  Dancing through the 70’s, 80’s and head banging through the 80’s rock round RRsat Europe and a mix of our customers competed for the chance to win the infamous T-Rex.


With dance offs and air guitar competitions everyone really got into the swing of things and at times the teams became very competitive. With our own competitive nature, and the need to win the T–Rex, we had to work hard to stay in the running. It’s still quite upsetting that we lost..


 We must say a big thank you to everyone that came to the party, without you all we would have never have been able to hold such a fantastic evening.

Keep an eye out for photos and videos on the blog and twitter page, because yes we caught you dancing – and yes, it’s really funny… 

And the winner is…


Thank you all for entering our competition, we have had a great level of response.

Our winner who answered correctly that Colin Firth played the role of Tom Birkin in the classic ‘A Month In The Country’ will receive a lovely Selfridges voucher worth £50.

Congratulations, we will be in touch shortly.

August’s Competition


It’s time for this month’s competition!

Lasting for one week only, you could be in with a chance to win a £50 Selfridges voucher by simply answering the question below.

As per last month, the question is based on the theme of the month, which is: restoration.

How are we involved in restoration?

One of our specialities here at JCA is to restore and digitise old or damaged content. Using specialised equipment such as an ArriScan or Cinnafilm Dark Energy and not forgetting our teams wealth of experience and knowledge, we work closely with the likes of the BBC and Film4 (just to name a few) to repair and digitise damaged and forgotten about film. Our intricate work gives timeless content a new lease of life and enables viewers to watch and enjoy it in high quality, e.g.in HD.

You can read more about how we restore and digitise content in our previous blog posts.

So how do you enter the competition?

All you have to do is write your answer in the comment box below stating your name and current email address (for us to let you know if you’ve won!). The competition will end on Friday 23rd August at 5pm and the winner will be announced on Monday 26th August.

This month’s question:

‘Which award winning movie star played the role of Tom Birkin in the classic film ‘A month in the country?’

Good luck!

(This competition is now closed)


Over 50% of customers would recommend JCA


As many of our customers will be aware, we recently carried out an NPS survey to assess the service that we provide, get an accurate reflection of what our customers really think of us, and more importantly give an indication of whether they would recommend us to others.

When the results came in, we were pleasantly surprised. Over 50% of our customers rated us 9 or above, a score that implies our customer’s are more than happy with the service we provide and are most likely speaking highly of us to colleagues. Where customers scored 8 or below, we have some work to do in ensuring that we’re doing everything possible to help them and their business.

 An NPS score is perhaps one of the most vital metrics for a company – it gives us a cold, hard figure on whether our customers value our work and how likely they would be to recommend us to a colleague on a scale of 1-10. Customers that score an 8 or below receive immediate contact from myself, so that I can understand the issues behind their score. For me, it’s a very useful tool that allows me to speak openly and honestly with our customers.

 Of the few customers that weren’t entirely satisfied with our service, we have already reached out to them to try and resolve and issues they have with us. Rest assured, this was the first thing I did when we received the results, and it is something we will be revisiting in 6 months time to ensure that these scores have improved. We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible at JCA, and this survey has certainly helped us to identify where we can improve.